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Hey guys I’m doodling. Interested in a stream at all? Wanna watch me draw?
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Just so you all know, I’m going to be gone for two weeks starting April 19th.

I’m going to texas to visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in far too long. I’ll be back late on the 3rd. =0=

asklinkshadoww requested: Long haired Fem Sheik

Drawing Request #5

(I have another request for when youhave time. Sheik in Link’s clothing~)

Drawing Request #4

icantwaittobombsomedodongos requested: Kid Shiek preparing to sneak up on a Chu-Chu

I will always accept drawing request asks and dress up requests. :D

So always feel free to send them if you don’t have an actual question.

This goes for ALL of my ask blogs. ♥

Drawing Request #3

Anonymous requested: Sheik drawing request? Dark Link and Sheik glaring at each other? (I like to think that they ‘fight’ over Link. Either for his attention, friendship, or love, I dun care which. Or maybe Dark wants Link’s attention and Sheik is trying to teach Link stuff. xD )


Shiek: Shadow, I swear to DIN! I will strangle you.

Shadow: But you were so BORING. -oooooo time flows in one direction oooo look how mysterious I am ooooooooo-

Sheik: Go bother Fem! I’m trying to work!

Drawing Requests #2

ask-rookierowan requested: ((Fem Sheik in a Wonder Woman outfit!))


Drawing Requests #1

Short haired fem Sheik because she is an adorably beautiful woman~


Any sheik drawing requests?

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